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Z-Technology Eliminates Odors Forever!

Z-Technology is a concentrated compound that works on "contact" to entrap malodor (bad or unwanted odor) molecules. This unique product material "surrounds" malodor molecules such as mercaptans, sulfides, amines and certain aldehydes to permanently encapsulate them within the Z-Technology structure. With Z-Technology the process of odor elimination occurs immediately upon contact with offensive odor molecules. Z-Techology has no effect on the normal bacterial processes of the skin. Toxicity tests show that Z-Technology is safe to use in all products, including personal care, at effective levels.

Why use Z-Technology products?

  • Unlike most enzyme and other scent eliminators which have an effective life of about one hunting season, Z-Technology will last up to 10 years!
  • Z-Technology does not KILL anything but instead permanetly entraps molecules which makes it the safest product on the market!
  • Unlike most enzyme scent control products that destroy only the odors they are made to attack, Z-Technology entraps the scent molecule no matter what its composition making it the most effective scent control product available!